Nine Elms:
The Linear Park

29 • 8 • 2012 / BY BALLYMORE

A key element of the overall masterplan for Nine Elms is the Linear Park, running from Vauxhall Bridge to the Battersea Power Station site, providing a sustainable, green backbone to the new quarter.

The Linear Park borrows much from the New York’s High Line, providing gathering places for play and leisure, whether active or passive, away from the traffic-laden streets.

The inspiration for the Linear Park comes from New York’s magical High Line, a mile long park built on an elevated section of the former New York Central Railroad, running down the lower west side of Manhattan; it has now been reclaimed and planted as an aerial greenway which has in turn had a phenomenally positive regenerative impact upon the entire district.

This is a park with a purpose, lifting pedestrian traffic from the streets below, providing an unexpectedly peaceful place right on top of a bustling city, an extraordinary and imaginative use of public space that has been much admired worldwide.

As the Linear Park passes through Embassy Gardens, it becomes the central focus, with further gardens, walks and public spaces radiating from it. Communal courtyards within the building blocks provide additional private amenity space for the use of residents and their guests, with more private gardens along the courtyard edges.

The Park is the new pedestrian spine of Nine Elms, directly linking Embassy Gardens with Vauxhall Tube Station (Zone 1).