Fitness, swimming and spa facilities for unparalleled wellbeing.
For new levels of wellbeing, your body, mind and spirit all need to be nourished.

Being an Eg:le Club member means having one of London’s best fitness, spa and relaxation offerings right on your doorstep.

Two state-of-the-art gyms, an indoor pool with aquatic facilities, a luxurious indoor and outdoor spa. Life at Embassy Gardens takes wellbeing to a new level.


The 25m swimming pool is only accessible to Eg:le Club members and their guests.

Love Your Gym
Two residents' only gyms
The two residents' only gyms at Embassy Gardens offer facilities and services that rival the world’s very best health clubs.
Work with an experienced personal trainer who knows how to get the results that you want.
The personal trainers at Eg are the best in the business – recruited to offer Eg:le Club members a level of support that soars above and beyond the typical fitness club offering. As a team, they’re well versed in almost any fitness goal you can throw at them.
Treat Yourself
Spa treatments for Eg:le Club members
The indoor and outdoor spa facilities at Embassy Gardens were designed to give residents the feeling of being ensconced in the inner sanctuary of one of the world’s finest resorts – without leaving home.
Your choice of therapists, trainers and up to 50 group classes every week, all bookable via the Eg:Life.
We’ve made it easy for you to book an array of fitness, relaxation, beauty and wellness experiences to enjoy in the Eg:le Club gym and spa, from manicures, pedicures and beauty massages to facials, deep-tissue massages, one-on-one yoga experiences and much more.
Booking and paying for your sessions is easy, via the Eg:Life app.