Food, drinks, fitness, art and chance encounters on a par with the best of everywhere.
Street level at Embassy Gardens: food, drinks, fitness, art and chance encounters.

Embassy Gardens isn’t just a place where people live and work. It’s one of Central London’s liveliest neighbourhoods, with the kind of variety and vitality, at street level, that’s usually only found in a much older quarter.

All of the precinct’s retailers share a passion for being the best at what they do, and it shows in the quality of the food, drink, experiences and creativity that they bring to life at Embassy Gardens. This is Nine Elms at its best.

Be Different

Weekday Life at Embassy Gardens

Team building
with a dash of magic: cocktail-making classes at The Alchemist.
Spending your workday in Embassy Gardens means being in a neighbourhood that’s teeming with collaboration, independent retailers and creative spirit.
Zoom your colleagues while power walking in the Linear Park.
Hot desk for a day at Darby’s. In-house catering has never tasted so good.
Holistic ‘client care’: book them in for a Linnaean spa treatment, followed by London’s best plant-based afternoon tea.
Coffee breaks
with added creativity – espresso martinis at District Coffee.
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Knot Artisan Coffee & Pretzels
Knot Artisan Coffee & Pretzels
Darby’s Restaurant
Robin Gill’s new flagship: oyster bar, bakery and grill
‘My dad certainly knew how to have a good time. Darby’s is his kind of downtown place – somewhere for life to be lived to the full.’
— Chef Robin Gill
Darby’s is named after Robin’s dad a jazz trumpeter who toured New York and Chicago in the 1950s and 60s.

Food-wise, there’s something on the menu for every time of day and every occasion, a place conceived to be as welcoming and special when you drop in for brunch, coffee and a pastry or a half-dozen oysters and a Guinness as it is on those special occasions when you want to celebrate with a six-course meal.

Linnean Living
Hair, beauty, food and lifestyle
‘We set up Linnaean to help navigate modern living and promote health and happiness.’
— Linnaean founder Elena Tayleur
Garden-inspired Linnaean takes its name from a love of plants. Plant-forward food, drinks, beauty and medi-spa experiences – only at Embassy Gardens.

Hair, beauty, food and lifestyle destination Linnaean is designed to offer the ultimate sanctuary for healing and natural beauty in the midst of a busy city. It’s the ultimate in self-care – including a menu of medi-spa treatments plus acupuncture and soothing sports, deep tissue and contouring massages.

There’s also a shop stocked with hair, beauty and healing products selected to help you take the Linnaean philosophy home and into every day.

Cycling at Static
Indoor and outdoor cycling classes
A cycling experience designed to inspire peak
performance with every ride.
The Static experience is all about the concept of flow – the state where time and pain disappear and high engagement takes over. Every Static instructor has a different style, background and focus, and some offer classes that are unlike anything you’ll have experienced before.
Shop at Waitrose
Nine Elms branch of Waitrose Supermarket
Supermarket Shopping as it Should Be.
The Nine Elms branch of the Waitrose partnership was the first supermarket in the country to offer sushi made in-house. Everything you need for a well-stocked fridge and larder, plus stationery, kitchenware and great customer service.
District Coffee
Your Neighbourhood Barista
‘I wanted to bring a bit of that Aussie, friendly culture. We have some really lovely locals and regulars.’
— District founder Chelsea Finch
The coffee specialists at District Coffee are serious about bringing you the perfect cup of Aussie coffee - with a relaxing vibe attached.

Originally from Sydney, District founder Chelsea Finch’s dream was to bring Aussie brunch culture to London. She founded District in 2017 to do exactly that – combining specialty coffee with fresh, uncomplicated food and a bright, welcoming vibe. Stop in for a coffee and breakfast, then come back again later for an espresso, glass of wine or some food.

Modern Irish Hospitality without the twee.
Hospitality and making people feel at home is at the core of everything at Homeboy.
Homeboy Bars brings the best of warm laid-back Irish hospitality to Embassy Gardens. Home comforts paired with delicious drinks and playful, sinful food to a soundtrack of hip-hop and RnB. Modern Irish Hospitality without the twee.
Tang Gallery
Pioneers of Asian Art.
That mind-blowing exhibition that everyone’s talking about?
It’s right here at Embassy Gardens.
Bangkok-based Tang Contemporary Art is one of the world’s foremost ambassadors for contemporary Chinese art – and a major power broker in the international art market. The new gallery at Embassy Gardens is the first outside Asia.
The Alchemist
Mixology Masters
The Alchemist does food and inventive cocktails with a magic all its own. And their new Embassy Gardens location has plenty of surprises up its sleeve.

When The Alchemist opened its first location south of the Thames – at Embassy Gardens – it was big news for the simple reason that nobody does a night out quite like The Alchemist does. This is cocktail making elevated to ‘molecular magic’, with a ‘devilish dash of theatre’ for good measure. The drinks don’t just taste good, they are the entertainment. The Alchemist’s food menu is similarly theatrical, which is to say delicious, unexpected and fun.

On the weekends, ‘Murder of the Dance Floor’ brunch with boundless cocktails is served at the Embassy Gardens location until 2pm.