Nine Elms

Everything you need to know about Nine Elms: Central London’s newest district for food, culture, commerce and 21st Century life.

Your guide to everything Nine Elms has to offer.

Art and Culture
When Damien Hirst announced that he’d chosen a former factory in Vauxhall as the site for his new gallery, the art world took notice.
Bars, Pubs and Tap Rooms
Nine Elms is home to one of London’s best craft beer scenes and some of the city’s most talented connoisseurs of cocktails and wine.
Coffee, Pastries and Brunch
You can judge any place by the quality of the coffee, and by that measure Nine Elms is right up there with the best.
Dining Out in the District
The restaurants of Nine Elms span the best of global cuisine, including British food and drink at its finest.
Green Space
In Nine Elms, there’s no need to choose between city and nature, because the entire district has been planned to merge the two.
Shops and Boutiques
When you’re in the mood to shop, there’s a lot to explore within a short walk or cycle ride of Embassy Gardens.
Travel & Transport
Nine Elms couldn’t be better located for a life that spreads out across London and far beyond. Excellent transport connections are bringing the city close.
Visionaries & Innovators
Nine Elms is teeming with interesting people whose bold ideas are shaping how we eat, what we wear and where we live and work.
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Knot Artisan Coffee & Pretzels
Knot Artisan Coffee & Pretzels
Forging Nine Elms
Transformation on the South Bank
After decades of planning, Nine Elms has burst into life.

The district’s emergence isn’t just big news – it’s one of the biggest transformation stories the city has ever seen. The revitalised Nine Elms is shifting Central London’s centre of gravity to the south and defining what the city’s future can look like—right now.

The transformation of Nine Elms is proof of what’s possible when the world’s best architects, city planners and developers work together to do something really big.

Sir Terry Farrell CBE
Sir Terry Farrell CBE
Master planner of Nine Elms
and Embassy Gardens
the first Central London district built from the ground up around our modern way of life.
new interconnected developments make up the heart of the new district.
acres of Central London have been master-planned to reflect the way people want to live today.
A Bustling District

The entire Nine Elms district has been conceived not only as a desirable place to live but also as a great place to work, to go out and to shop – because variety and all-day life are vital to urban placemaking at this scale.

A well-connected, culturally vibrant and highly liveable new place at the heart of everything – and which Londoners everywhere can be proud to call part of the city’s storied South Bank.

acres of new green space in a district designed to save water and energy.
new homes – for people who want a more modern style of urban life.
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