A new age for Nine Elms

A new age for Nine Elms

Nine Elms is one of the biggest transformation stories London has ever seen. After decades of planning, it is coming to life with over 40 new developments, with Embassy Gardens at its heart.

A new age for Nine Elms

A site called Nine Elms has existed on London’s Southbank since the mid 17th century. Once a row of elm trees, today the area is a story of regeneration. With more than 40 interconnected developments springing up over the next ten years, the riverside district is changing forever.

As the area continues to transform and attract the likes of Apple, London’s centre of power begins to move south, bringing with it people, art and culture.

Embassy Gardens skyline from the river Thames

With both the US Embassy and Apple moving to the area, Nine Elms is evolving into London’s newest city within a city.

£15bn total investment in the area

Over 40 different sites to be built over 25 years

20,000 new homes & 25,000 new jobs

Over 1.7 million sqft of mixed-use development

50 acres of new public space


The future is South

Since the Romans founded 'Londinium' over 2000 years ago, the North Bank has outshone the South. That is beginning to change.
New Nine Elms underground station

New connections

As part of Nine Elms’ transformation, the Underground’s Northern line will extend through the area at Nine Elms & Battersea.
The story of London's Southbank

London's South Bank story

The South Bank regeneration stretches from Shad Thames in the east to Battersea Power Station in the west.