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Redefining a city skyline

Tower Bridge. The London Eye. The Shard. Battersea Power Station. And now Embassy Gardens. The EcoWorld Ballymore joint venture is both the final piece in the transformation story of London’s South Bank, and another striking piece of architecture redefining the city’s evolving skyline.

Embassy Gardens - Redefining London's Skyline

Embassy Gardens - Redefining London's Skyline

Sean Mulryan, chairman and CEO of Ballymore, had the ambition for Embassy Gardens to push the boundaries of design, construction and engineering.

‘Walking into one of our developments should be a unique, breath-taking experience,’ says Mulryan. ‘I’m very passionate about the synergy between great design, architecture and art – and what it means for Ballymore buildings. I want the places I create to leave a positive legacy, to stand the test of time and further London’s tradition for outstanding architecture.’

Ballymore management meeting

Sean Mulryan and senior management team

Sir Terry Farrell worked with EcoWorld Ballymore to create a master plan for Embassy Gardens. When asked whether the development should be architecturally sympathetic or ground-breaking, he responded: ‘Architecture is not that simple. Much like the World War Two Spitfire, parts of which were manufactured in the Art Deco factory that is now my home in Paddington, architecture and the concept of the aesthetic continually evolve.’

He added that ‘we need to nurture this spirit and carefully conserve London’s history and classical architecture, but in doing so, we must not forget how varied the stories of different parts of London are. There does not need to be uniformity in the aesthetic of London; juxtaposition can be astonishingly beautiful.’

Both from inside and out, the development is striking. An award-winning team made it happen, including architect Hal Currey, designer Luis Bustamante and landscape architect Huw Morgan.

Sir Terry Farrell

Sir Terry Farrell, masterplanner of Embassy Gardens

Sir Terry Farrell believes Embassy Gardens will both complete the South Bank’s story, and inspire generations to come. ‘It unlocks the potential of a complete South Bank, from Battersea to London Bridge, and can set an example for the rest of the country to follow and, in the longer term, inspire a great deal more interest in architecture among the British people.’

‘Walking into one of our developments should be a unique, breath-taking experience.’

Sean Mulryan

Chairman & CEO of Ballymore

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